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Website: www.ebm.com.pk
English Biscuit Manufacturers (Private) Limited, the makers of Peek Freans biscuits, was established in 1967 as the first manufacturer of wholesome, hygienic packaged biscuits in Pakistan. For over 48 years, EBM has been a symbol of trust and confidence for consumers, making it the leading biscuit manufacturer of Pakistan. EBM is the first biscuit company in Pakistan to have achieved ISO 14001, ISO 9001 and HACCP certifications. The Peek Freans brand also enjoys the internationally acclaimed Superbrands status.

Website: www.avari.com
Mr Byram D Avari (Chairman) and his sons Dinshaw and Xerxes own and operate the Avari Group of Companies.

Hotels are the core business. The Group owns and operates –

  • The 217 room and suites, 5-Star “Avari Towers” Hotel at Karachi is situated on 22,000 sq.yards of city center land.  This is the first 5-Star Hotel on the main road from Karachi Airport.
  • The 200 room, 5-Star Deluxe “Avari Lahore” Hotel is situated on 48,000 sq.yards of land in the city center of Lahore, abutting on the Mall and another major road.
  • The 100 room “Beach Luxury” Hotel at Karachi is situated on 24,000 sq.yards of land along the seafront. This was the first hotel to open after Partition and continues to enjoy  the highest reputation for food & beverage. Its spacious lawns and Banquetting Halls cater to weddings and other functions for the elite of the city, with a capacity of up to 3000 persons.
  • Avari Islamabad” Hotel on 10,500 sq.yds. in the heart of the Capital.
  • “Avari Xpress Islamabad” (total of 100 rooms) at School Road/7th Avenue/Aga Khan Road,  the first of the new 3-4 Star limited service boutique products introduced in Pakistan.

The Group is the first Pakistani Company to Manage and Operate Internationally:-

  • The 200-room 4-Star Deluxe “Avari Dubai” Hotel in UAE with 24 Suites is situated in Deira, walking distance from the City Center and Ghurair Malls. It has multinational clientele from Europe, North America, Middle East, South and Far East Asia.
  • The Deluxe “Avari Al-Barsha Hotel Apartments located at Mall of the Emirates, Dubai, UAE, has all 5-Star facilities.

 “Avari Plaza at Karachi” is a 150,000 sq. feet Commercial Complex adjacent to the Avari Towers Hotel. The tenants are prime Multinationals like UniLever, Deutsche Bank, National Bank of Pakistan, United Bank Limited, Dubai Islamic Bank, American Airlines and a number of other prestigious Institutions.

The “Avari Plaza at Lahore” is a 33,000 sq.ft. Commercial Complex, adjacent to the Avari Lahore Hotel., housing Deutsche Bank and other prestigious establishments.

“Spencer and Company (Pakistan) Limited”   in 1948 was the first company listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange and was delisted through a Share Buyout in 2004.  It has earned an enviable reputation for strong and continued growth, having been acknowledged as one of the Top 20 Listed Companies of Pakistan.  This is a Holding, Investment and Real Estate Management Company.

Spencer has 53,000 sq.ft. of prime real estate in the banking sector of Karachi, which is on long term lease.

The Pharma Division of Spencer was formerly Fisons Pakistan (Pvt) Limited.  It is a fast growing pharmaceutical manufacturing unit, which has one of the highest Good Manufacturing Practice standards in Pakistan and is emphasizing on production of high quality branded generics producing Tablets/Capsules/Liquids and Injectibles.

“Avari Travel Services (Pvt.) Ltd” are the General Sales Agents (GSA) for American Airlines (AA) Passenger and Cargo.  They have represented AA for the last 30 years and have won “Outstanding Sales Achievement Awards” for Cargo and Passenger Sales year after year.

Similarly, “Outstanding Sales Achievement Awards” were received for five consecutive years from Canadian Airlines International, when they were represented for 23 years before their  merger with Air Canada.


The Group is developing Avari Xpress 3 and 4-Star Hotels in the secondary cities of Pakistan on Management Lease basis. This is based on a percentage of sale formula, wherein the owner shares the growth and downturns.  The ownership of these properties is with third parties who make the investment and develop the properties based on Avari standards.  Agreements have been signed for Gujranwala, Sialkot, Faisalabad, Multan, Bhurban and Lahore.  The Group is pursuing Hotel Management/Lease Contracts  in the Middle East. and  North America.


Having previous experience in Power Generation, Communications and Beverages, the Avaris are highly respected in the business community and carry the necessary covenants which assure their business partners of their ability and competence to achieve targets and meet objectives.

Website: https://oup.com.pk/

Oxford University Press (OUP) is a department of the University of Oxford. It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. OUP publishes for all audiences—from pre-school to secondary level school children; students to academics; general readers to researchers; and individuals to institutions. Its range includes dictionaries, English language teaching materials, children’s books, journals, scholarly monographs, printed music, higher education textbooks, and schoolbooks.

OUP has a rich history which can be traced back to the earliest days of printing. The first book was printed in Oxford in 1478, just two years after the first printing press was set up in England. In 1586, the University obtained a decree confirming its right to print books. In 1636 this decree was enhanced entitling the University to publish ‘all manner of books’.

The policy of OUP is overseen by a group of Delegates appointed from the academic staff of the University. The Delegates meet fortnightly under the chairmanship of the Vice-Chancellor. They are actively involved in the publishing programme. All proposals are referred to them for approval and individual Delegates liaise with editors in their specialist subject areas. The Chief Executive of the Press is responsible for running OUP, and is also known by the traditional title of Secretary to the Delegates.

Today OUP has offices in 50 countries, publishes in more than 40 languages, and is the largest university press in the world.

Oxford University Press Pakistan


The Pakistan Branch of Oxford University Press (OUP) started its operations in 1952. The head office of OUP Pakistan is in Karachi with regional offices in Lahore and Islamabad. There is a bookshop-cum-office each in Multan, Peshawar, and Faisalabad, and the Branch maintains a representative presence in Hyderabad, Sukkur, Dera Ghazi Khan, Sargodha, Sahiwal, Abbottabad, Rahim Yar Khan, and Quetta.

OUP Pakistan is committed to the dissemination of knowledge and publishes works that further scholarship and education. OUP Pakistan’s publishing operations fall into four distinct areas: school texts and library, higher education, academic, and lexical and general reference.

The Education Department publishes children’s/library books, school textbooks to meet key curriculum requirements, language and other reference books for schools, teacher resource books, student activity books, and bilingual school dictionaries.

The Higher Education Department publishes college and university textbooks for undergraduate and graduate students, spanning a wide range of subjects and specializes in the disciplines of law, economics, literature, language, gender studies, sociology, and environmental science.

The Academic Department publishes books on all aspects of Pakistan Studies including the areas of history, literature, education, travel, anthropology, Islamic studies, strategic studies, sports, archaeology, and art.

The Lexical and General Reference Division covers both the non-lexical and lexical areas. The Oxford English–Urdu Dictionary by Shanul Haq Haqqee has become the standard reference work for academics, journalists, teachers, and general readers. The Oxford Companions that are under preparation will contribute to such fields as history, literature, and art.

Across the whole spectrum of OUP Pakistan publishing is a specifically Pakistani component with Pakistani authors and books on Pakistan fulfilling our vision of serving the needs of our academic and educational communities and general readers.

OUP Pakistan’s books are distributed worldwide through its head office in Oxford and other offices in New York, Dubai, and Delhi. It also distributes books imported from its head office in Oxford, and other offices in New York and Delhi.

OUP Pakistan holds that there are several books of intrinsic value which would never reach publication if only commercial criteria are applied. Such books need to be written, they need to be published, and they need to be read. OUP Pakistan uses its profits partly to support the publication of such books and partly to support its overall publishing programme.

OUP Pakistan believes that there is a real future for the publishing industry in Pakistan. It does not subscribe to the common refrain that ‘book reading is not part of our culture’. Rather it is of the opinion that it is also the responsibility of local publishers to effect change and inculcate thebook-reading habit among the people. It works towards this purpose by encouraging and cultivating writers within our society, by introducing newer and better quality books into the market, and ensuring that these books are reasonably priced and readily available.

OUP Pakistan also fights against piracy which, while claiming to lower prices, actually deprives authors of their rightful dues and thus, a nation of its authors.

Because of OUP’s high standards of quality and production, the name ‘Oxford’ has come to signify both authority and quality in Pakistan as it does elsewhere in the world.

Website: http://paramountbooks.com.pk/

Paramount Publishing Enterprise was established in 1948 and thus has been in operation for over 63 years. Today, it enjoys the status of being one of Pakistan’s leading publishers and booksellers. We serve not only as distributors for some of the world’s biggest publishers like Ladybird, UK; Hodder Education, UK; Cambridge University Press, UK; MM Publication, Greece; and Marshall Cavendish, Singapore, but also publish our own books of international standards ranging in subjects from Pre-Primary, Primary, Secondary to Academics, Medical Sciences and topics of General Interest.

We have a vast collection of books on a wide array of genres that vary from Medical, Professional, and General to Social Sciences, Religion and Arts.

Our Head Office is situated in Karachi, whereas, our branch offices are situated in Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar, Abbottabad, Hyderabad and Faisalabad as well. We also have a network of associated booksellers across the country to ensure a smooth supply and availability of our books.

Website: http://www.ubldirect.com/corporate/Default.aspx

It begun with a vision, a vision of unparallel progress and unmatched excellence true to the spirit of the era! November 7th 1959, Pakistan witnessed an event that would change the way we banked forever. It was not just the inauguration of UBL’s first branch at I.I. Chundrigar; it was also the birth of the culture of service, a culture of innovation and a culture of financial excellence!

By June 1960, shortly after six months of opening its doors to the public, UBL had branches in:





Chittagong and Narayanganj


In 1963, UBL became the first bank in Pakistan to have a branch overseas- on William Street in London, United Kingdom. True to our promise of providing service and care beyond the ordinary to our customers, UBL and You have had a history. The first saving scheme for school going children was launched as early as 1960 or the formation of Pakistan’s first Staff College of employees in 1964, UBL, through the motivation of its staff and the trust of its customers, continued to grow at a spectacular pace. In 1967, UBL had hit the dawn on information in terms of technology, by introducing computer banking to Pakistan and in 1971, UBL once again paved the way by launching 3 online branches in Karachi. The newly formed state of Pakistan was witnessing the boom of industries and commerce – cannoned by a bank that believed in the potential growth of Pakistan. Small wonder then, by 1978, UBL had a pledged economic department, had acquired two international banks. UBL also launched supervised credit and small loan schemes for small to medium sized firms as well as agriculture and had made for itself, a strong international presence for we had branches in 4 continents.

Throughout its history, UBL has kept pace with- and often exceeded the changing needs of changing times. Keeping the tradition of innovation alive, UBL introduced Pakistan’s first credit card, the UNICARD in 70’s and left its mark by launching the Pak Rupees traveler cheques in 1971. Staying true to its roots, UBL was also the first bank to have an Islamic banking division and the first to introduce e-banking facilities at Hajj.

In the 1990’s the government of Pakistan decided to change the face of banking by creating a blueprint to privatize UBL. At this point, financial experts were called on board to set the bank back on course, and with implementation of relevant changes, the government privatized the bank in the year 2002 – Best way and Al Ayaan collaborated, forming the cornerstone for the UBL of tomorrow.

Today, UBL opens its eyes to a new vision every day, a vision of resurgent excellence and renewed commitment to our customers. 52 years into our glorious history – UBL is now part of one of the world’s largest financial services groups.

AfeefgroupAfeef group cater to a wide range of industry needs, utilizing the latest equipment and manufacturing processes with expertise in the packaging, plastic, construction, and trading sectors. Find out more about us here.

They have began as a packaging and printing firm. Today, it is one of the leading organizations in the industry. Since its founding in 1990 by Mr. Rashid Siddiqui, Afeef has focused on fulfilling the specific needs of our customers with the goal of developing long-term business relationships.

At Afeef Group, the mission and vision is to provide tailor-made solutions for a wide range of businesses at highly competitive prices. With a firm belief in quality and high standards of service, Afeef Group makes our clients jobs easier by providing top-of-the-line products and unmatched service. This is made possible by an experienced team, possessing an excellent record of professional skills, service, manufacturing, and supply chain management. Above all, Afeef Group is committed to helping your business grow and succeed.

Afeef Group currently consists of: Afeef Packages and Printing, Afeef Builders, Afeef Furniture and Trading, and Afeef Foods.

Afeef Group is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, and our Packaging and Plastics divisions are certified by Yum! Brands, and McDonald’s safety and work place accountability audits.

Website: http://technologylinks.com.pk/
Technology Links is a private limited company incorporated in Pakistan in 1989. It is essentially a trading house which represents high quality instruments from manufactures all around the world. Its head office is located in Karachi and it has branches in all major cities in the country. With staff strength of over a hundred, and a management composed of highly qualified and experienced professionals, the company caters primarily to requirements in the health, research, technical and engineering education sectors. Thus, Technology Links is perhaps the only company in Pakistan, which provides meaningful links, under one roof, to the Educationist, Doctor, Scientist and Engineer alike. As well as this, the company supplies equipment and machinery related to industry and infrastructure development.

Website: http://www.qatarairways.com/global/en/homepage.page
Qatar Airways Company Q.C.S.C. (Arabic: القطرية‎, Al Qatariyah),[3] operating as Qatar Airways, is the state-owned flag carrier[4][5] of Qatar. Headquartered in the Qatar Airways Tower in Doha,[6] the airline operates a hub-and-spoke network, linking over 150 international destinations across Africa, Central Asia, Europe, Far East, South Asia, Middle East, North America, South America and Oceania from its base at Hamad International Airport, using a fleet of more than 150 aircraft.

Qatar Airways Group employs more than 31,000 people, of which 19,000 work directly for Qatar Airways. The carrier has been a member of the Oneworld alliance since October 2013 (2013-10), the first Gulf carrier to sign with one of the three airline alliances.


Website: http://www.dolmengroup.com/

The Dolmen Group is one of Pakistan’s leading real-estate companies, primarily engaged in the development, construction and management of prime commercial real-estate.

Since its inception in 1984, Dolmen has been the pre-eminent developer of quality real estate in the country, continually setting new standards of excellence while expanding its portfolio and pushing the implementation of architectural distinction and transcendental luxury experiences with every new project.  The Group currently owns and manages the largest portfolio of shopping malls in the country.

Dolmen has redefined the Pakistani shopping experience. With the creation of major shopping malls across Karachi that attract a multitude of local and international retail brands and eateries, the Dolmen Group has pioneered organized retail in the country. By establishing secure, superior spaces that merge the best in retail and entertainment, Dolmen’s work goes beyond simply reshaping Karachi’s shopping culture. We reshape experiences.


Website: http://arfeen.com.pk/

Arfeen international is one of the leading business groups in Pakistan, with a solid reputation of innovation, integrity and professionalism. The group has pioneered in a wide spectrum of activities including trading, manufacturing, real estate, entertainment, construction, telecom, building materials and many more coming.

In 1886 the arfeen group had a humble beginning in Delhi of the then undivided India by our Great Grand Father Mr. Shams‐ul‐Arfeen. The enterprise dealt with finished and raw pharmaceutical products. The company was called Shams‐ul‐Arfeen & and; company. With the partition of India and creation of Pakistan in 1947, the second generation of arfeens headed by Mr. Firoz‐ul‐ Arfeen traveled to Pakistan and established the company’s headquarters in Karachi. By this time the company had developed a solid reputation of sound business ethics and dynamic approach to the newly created market. However, the company was still small and mostly focused on its historic business of pharmaceutical products.

With the arrival of the 3rd generation of the arfeens came a boost of fresh energy and new ideas for development which lead to the creation of Arfeen international in 1969. The newly formed company with young entrepreneurial talent soon became a leading supplier of pharmaceutical raw materials and ingredients to the industry, sourcing its supplies from a network of principals and associates around the globe. The company then diversified its operations into newer areas like plastics, industrial chemicals, food and commodity grains, fertilizers, fuel oils etc.

The growth was tremendous and to ensure that this growth was duly supported by a strong corporate culture, newer companies lead by dedicated and professional teams were established. Today the Arfeen group has a diversified portfolio of businesses including, petrochemicals, plastics and pharmaceuticals, telecom, real estate and entrainment, building materials, construction and many more to come.

Division Petrochimique of Arfeen International continues to be one of the core businesses of the group. Continuously expanding and ensuring its leadership position trough innovation and dynamic adaption to the emerging challenges with an eye on the future and a competent grasp on the present. Division Petrochimique now with a competent team almost a 100 professionals has its head office based in Karachi and branch offices in Lahore and Islamabad catering to a wide spectrum of industries throughout Pakistan.